Project Based Work

We are in a recession. Or are we? The recession is ending. Or is it? Irrespective of whether the recession is ending, has ended or is here to stay for the foreseeable future, there are things that are certain: Companies no longer have abundant budgets and the fortunate few who do have been left with cold feet, unwilling to commit precious budget to agencies by signing up on monthly retainers. Marketing managers are being forced to tighten belts, get creative and come up with new ways of making less money spread even further than before. If there is a silver lining to the recession, however, it is that competition among service providers is fierce, service levels are high and many fly-by-night suppliers have been forced to close doors and shut up shop. As companies are forced to focus more on the price of a service as opposed to quality of work it becomes ever harder to deliver the results that will keep your company leading the pack. As a result, Emerging Media Communications has amended its company model to assist clients through providing 'pay as you go' project-based work. Clients can now have a true sushi bar experience as they pick and choose the deliverables that they require and only pay for the plates that they have consumed. Emerging Media has created a tailor-made price list that clearly shows each deliverable we offer to allow clients to select what will not only suit the outcome they wish to achieve, but also the budget that has been set aside for the campaign. There is definitely greater value in having a retainer as account managers are free to exhaust all avenues to achieve great coverage for clients, whereas project-based work often has very defined deliverables. This does not mean, however, that account managers 'down tools' on project based work as soon as the deliverables are achieved. When clients look good, we look good and we always aim to work under the philosophy – delivery is everything. Our new project model has had great traction with clients who require exposure around product launches. Clients can now allocate a specific budget to a product announcement, set a time line and choose the deliverables that we collectively agree will best suit their aim. Our move into project-based work also allows potential retainer-based clients to test out our services before committing to a contract. The truth is that some clients suit retainers and others suit project work – and Emerging Media is about to rock both. ~ Want to see our new pricing model? Give us a shout! ~