Barry Kayton

Barry Kayton


~All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers~ O.S. Marden

Barry Kayton goes by the title: "imagineer" – He imagines and engineers creative solutions in order to put ideas into people’s heads.

Barry started working as an independent instructional design consultant in 1999. Several years later in 2003 he co-founded the Bright Sparks creative agency with his brother Patrick.

As a content architect, he has been responsible for the conceptualisation, design, development and delivery of creative, full colour and highly interactive educational materials, courses and comics principally in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. Barry co-developed a unique instructional approach which weaves analytical and creative threads into a powerful tapestry for learning and thinking. His efforts have addressed audiences and learners ranging from impoverished youth in rural Africa, school learners of all ages in schools around the world, disadvantaged adult illiterates to sophisticated MBA students.

Since 2006 the brothers have collaborated on the creation of Cognician,a powerful thought processing software application for the web.

Cognician is a software platform and application that began through a belief that you can model good thinking habits. Cognician aggregates everything he has learned as a creative instructional designer and represents the culmination of his development efforts.

Barry has a Bachelor of Arts, English Literature and a Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising, Marketing and Copywriting along with an eclectic background in classical civilisation, adult education, edutainment, photography, and instructional design. He brings to the world of education a striking mix of words and images.

Barry is an educational visionary and idealist. He finds the inefficiencies of conventional education appalling, and the potential of computers and the internet educationally liberating.


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