Oracle unveils Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g

Wed, 2009/07/01

Oracle unveils Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g

Industry-leading application server suite strengthens integration in Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g; enhances availability, efficiency and performance.

As part of today’s Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g launch, Oracle announced the release of Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g, which includes Oracle WebLogic Server, the world’s highest performance application server, as well as Oracle Coherence, Oracle JRockit, Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Oracle WebLogic Sever 11g is the strategic application server for Oracle Fusion Middleware, as well as a foundational product for Java EE infrastructure and application grid.

The availability, efficiency and performance delivered by Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g enable enterprises to deploy reliable applications that can quickly and cost-effectively scale to meet changing business needs. 

New capabilities include Oracle Fusion Middleware GridLink for Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Fusion Middleware Enterprise Grid Messaging, and Oracle Fusion Middleware ActiveCache.

Oracle Fusion Middleware GridLink for Oracle Real Application Clusters optimises integration between database clustering and application server clustering to enable improved availability and performance in clustered architectures with low cost of management.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Enterprise Grid Messaging provides an enterprise-wide messaging backbone fully integrated with the application server based on WebLogic Server Java Message Service. Oracle WebLogic Server also provides integration with Oracle Database 11g Streams Advanced Queuing messaging feature for a single, high performance and reliable offering.

Oracle Fusion Middleware ActiveCache allows Oracle WebLogic Server to easily and reliably scale Web session and persistence state in an Oracle Coherence in-memory data grid for greater responsiveness and scalability in Java applications.

Oracle WebLogic Server holds world record results in four categories of the SPECjAppServer2004 benchmark. Oracle WebLogic Server, together with Oracle Database 11g, recently generated a new world record result for the multi-node SPECjAppServer2004 benchmark. (1) Oracle WebLogic Server also holds world record results in the dual-node (2) and single-node SPECjAppServer2004 benchmarks (3) in addition to delivering the highest performance per core of any result ever published (4). These results further demonstrate leadership in Java application server performance and scalability.

Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g provides the best foundation to integrate and run other Oracle Fusion Middleware offerings including Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle WebCenter Suite, and Oracle Identity Management.
Oracle WebLogic Server 11g also includes Oracle Fusion Middleware Real Operations Insight and Oracle Fusion Middleware Real Operations Automation to help further reduce operating costs while enhancing visibility, automation, and uptime.
Oracle Fusion Middleware Real Operations Insight provides enhanced visibility across the entire application infrastructure, helping enterprises ensure continuous availability and high performance of applications and services.
Oracle Fusion Middleware Real Operations Automation provides a set of management tools that enable automation of configuration, deployment and ongoing maintenance of Oracle Fusion Middleware environments to enable reliable and efficient management with low cost.
Oracle WebLogic Suite11g takes advantage of unified tools for management, administration and development. This includes: 
Oracle Enterprise Manager enables central management of multiple domains and WebLogic Server clusters from a single, comprehensive console.
Oracle JDeveloper Integrated Development Environment (IDE) allows developers to quickly assemble and build applications and services across application servers. Alternatively, developers can also leverage the open source Eclipse IDE through Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.
Users can easily upgrade to Oracle WebLogic Suite11g from Oracle Application Server 10g using the Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Tool for Java EE.

“The new features within Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g have enabled us to improve on the world’s number one application server,” said Steve Harris, Senior Vice President, Oracle Product Development. “By further integrating Oracle WebLogic Sever with related Oracle Fusion Middleware products we are able to bring together unmatched performance, scalability, efficiency, and manageability in a unified application server. This is a powerful proposition for partners and customers and allows Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g to support the current and future demands of our customers’ business-critical applications and services.”

"Avis Budget has always been on the forefront of new technology. We use information technology to reduce cost, increase customer satisfaction, and to help us provide a great product to our customers," said John Turato, Vice President of Technology for Avis Budget Group. "Our Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the home of our Oracle Fusion Middleware investment. As such, we are closely tracking WebLogic Server 11g and related components that can continue to enable us to provide better customer service and reduce our costs."

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