Oracle unveils Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g

Wed, 2009/07/01

Oracle unveils Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g

Modern enterprise portal platform delivers expanded enterprise 2.0 and social computing solutions for business users and IT.

As part of today’s Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g launch, Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g, a modern enterprise portal platform which will help increase productivity for business users and IT by bringing together people in organisations with the business processes and information they need to access.

New and enhanced features which enable users to build and manage online business communities that help capture and strengthen relationships between people, processes, applications and information to increase insight and accelerate strategic decision-making include: Oracle WebCenter Spaces, Oracle WebCenter Services, Oracle Business Dictionary, Oracle Composer, Task Flows and pre-packaged integrations.

Business users can create portal mashups that consolidate business applications, business intelligence, content, and social computing services on a single screen. This puts relevant communities, information, and the tools to make key business decisions at users’ fingertips.

Developers now have a single, modern portal framework to help businesses adapt to changing markets by simplifying and accelerating the development, deployment, and management of customisable portals, Web sites, composite applications, and communities.

To simplify implementation, Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g bundles leading enterprise content management, enterprise search, business process management, and presence capabilities. As a hot-pluggable component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, it extends and enhances the value of existing strategic investments through certified integrations with Oracle Database, Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Applications and several third-party applications. 

Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g delivers significant new functionality:

Oracle WebCenter Spaces is a personal and team work-environment for business users to create formal and ad hoc Web-based communities to simplify or accelerate completion of projects or business processes. Oracle WebCenter Spaces is pre-integrated with Microsoft Office, and built to scale out from departments to the enterprise;

Oracle WebCenter Services provide the following new social computing services: tagging, linking, recent activity, RSS, ratings, people connections, and activity graphs which enable users to integrate these technologies with their enterprise applications and collaborate with others;

Oracle Business Dictionary is a role-specific library of enterprise applications, business intelligence, business processes, enterprise content and information that IT and business users can easily combine, edit, share and customise to create executive dashboards that enable them to drive innovation;

Oracle Composer is an extensible and easy-to-use browser-based tool to enable end-users to customise portals and composite applications with social computing services. Using Common Metadata Management, personalised settings are stored as a layer on top of the base application, which speeds the work of IT and insulates users from updates and patches regardless of their customisations;

Task Flows offer more than 50 pre-built components that can be individually exposed as portlets or customised to deliver a full range of user experiences enabling developers to quickly reuse and combine individual portlets into complex yet flexible portals and applications;

Pre-Packaged Integrations with a variety of content management products and business applications including Oracle’s Siebel CRM, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise, the Oracle E-Business Suite, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, and Microsoft SharePoint simplify deployment.

Oracle WebCenter Suite is also integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager providing comprehensive functionality to deploy enterprise portals, as well as monitor and manage them with mission-critical performance, scalability, and reliability.

“By enabling users to launch online business communities that use a full range of social computing services and pre-integrated enterprise resources, Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g is a comprehensive and customisable portal suite that improves business users’ ability to make strategic decisions and complete daily tasks,” said Rahul Patel, Vice President, Oracle Fusion Middleware. "For developers, Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g provides a modern portal framework which helps accelerate delivery of portals and Web sites, as well as composite and transactional applications combined with ready-to-use Enterprise 2.0 capabilities that drive agile business innovation.”

“Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g offers so many pre-packaged components that put power in the hands of the business user instead of requiring the IT department to develop customised applications,” said Jennifer Briscoe, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Collect America. “The ability to create composite applications coupled with the productivity gains of embedding communities directly into any type of application enables our business users to effect positive change for the business."        

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