Oracle Enterprise Manager delivers new application configuration management capabilities

Wed, 2009/07/01

Oracle Enterprise Manager delivers new application configuration management capabilities

Unique features for managing application configurations enhance broad configuration management capabilities.

Today, Oracle extended the comprehensive configuration management capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager. The new features focus on managing application configurations. The added capabilities help to further simplify configuration management, improve service levels and enforce compliance for business-critical applications. These new features join other recently announced configuration management capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager, including real-time change detection; policies for key industry standards and best practices; and comprehensive compliance reporting.  

Oracle Enterprise Manager's “top-down” approach to application management enables customers to reduce complexity and increase efficiencies in their IT environments and optimally run their enterprise applications.

The new features add integral capabilities that contribute to four key areas of Oracle Enterprise Manager's comprehensive configuration management solution.  
Discovery and tracking of IT assets and components – helps customers identify IT assets and their relationships to quickly remediate configuration issues;
Simplified management – with a rich portfolio of more than 100 Oracle and non-Oracle configuration management templates, including templates for Linux, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM WebSphere, customers can more efficiently implement configuration management across the entire application deployment lifecycle;
Real-time change detection of unauthorised changes – enables customers to easily meet industry and regulatory compliance requirements;
Easy integration in complex environments – allows customers to fully utilise existing IT investments, for example, by enabling closed-loop reconciliation on change requests across heterogeneous IT environments. 
Oracle Enterprise Manager goes beyond current configuration management solutions to provide unique insight into the Oracle software stack, enabling the deepest and richest configuration capabilities for Oracle products out-of-the-box.
Advanced template-driven application configuration management – includes more than 30 application templates including templates for Oracle's Siebel, Oracle's PeopleSoft, Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Server – simplifies the management of even the most sophisticated application environments;
Real-time configuration change detection – forms the basis of a robust compliance framework, with out-of-box policies for popular industry and regulatory compliance requirements, helping to enforce corporate standards and mitigate risks with automated IT compliance controls;
Complete configuration management of virtual environments – accelerates the adoption of virtualisation technologies while maintaining firm control over physical IT configurations.

“Tracking and managing the dependencies between application components and their associated configurations are some of the most extreme challenges in today’s IT environments. Oracle Enterprise Manager's new application configuration management capabilities can help customers achieve solid control over such challenges helping customers to increase operating efficiencies while improving service levels and reducing management costs.” said Richard Sarwal, Oracle senior vice president Product Development.

"Well-managed change, configuration and release processes are critical to delivering new products and services for strategic capability and competitive advantage. Better coordination between development and production across these processes enables the IT organisation to deliver reliable and timely changes at increased frequency and complexity, while optimising costs and improving service quality.” Ronni Colville, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner. Source: Gartner, From Development to Production: Integrating Change, Configuration and Release, March 3, 2009.
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