Oracle delivers distributed Oracle Warehouse Management

Tue, 2009/06/02

Oracle delivers distributed Oracle Warehouse Management 

Customers gain more flexibility, efficiencies and control


Oracle today announced the latest release of Oracle® Warehouse Management. This release provides customers the flexibility to deploy Oracle Warehouse Management as a distributed solution.

Now, customers can take advantage of the latest industry-leading warehouse management capabilities from Oracle without upgrading to the latest version of the Oracle E-Business Suite

As a distributed offering, Oracle Warehouse Management also supports earlier versions of the Oracle E-Business Suite, and allows for 24x7 warehouse operations during ERP upgrades or maintenance cycles.

With functionality and technology already proven in distribution centres, manufacturing sites and repair depots around the world, this latest release also supports high volume facilities through new capabilities such as advanced wave planning, task planning, demand-driven forward pick replenishment and high-volume performance.


Customers can achieve rapid return on investment through new flexible deployment options, including support for:

Multiple order capture systems with one independent fulfillment engine.

Many warehouse execution systems operating against a single global ERP system, offering greater overall supply chain information integration and customer compliance.

With a proven solution that does not rely on the deployment of a full-scale ERP suite, organisations can mitigate the risks associated with new supply chain execution system implementations and leverage a solution that has supported customers around the globe.


The Oracle Warehouse Management solution provides the planning and execution capabilities that allow warehouse managers to better plan and manage distribution centre workflow. Additional benefits for supply chain executives include:

Upfront visibility into inventories to help manage and process orders at a faster rate.

Better visibility into order process time and labour availability. 

An aggregate view into all stock and orders requested across the supply chain, enabling improved planning and response to changes in demand and supply in real-time. 


Oracle has always been committed to delivering best-in-class warehouse management capabilities through Oracle Warehouse Management," said Jon Chorley, Oracle Vice President, Supply Chain Product Strategy. "This expanded functionality combined with more integrated logistics capabilities and a new distributed deployment option is further proof of this commitment.” 

Ensuring that today’s complex and increasingly global supply chains run efficiency and smoothly demands effective warehouse management,” said Dwight Klappich, Gartner Research Vice President. “The high velocity demands of today’s supply chain require solutions that are always-on and always connected, regardless of network model, ERP or application infrastructure.”


The latest release of Oracle Warehouse Management can be deployed either as a distributed solution or as part of the Oracle E-Business Suite. 

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