Oracle and xPLM solution launch European joint competency centre for CAD-PLM integration

Tue, 2009/06/30

Oracle and xPLM solution launch European joint competency centre for CAD-PLM integration

Oracle has today announced the launch of a European joint competency centre, in partnership with xPLM Solution GmbH, focused on delivering solutions related to Mechanical Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) integration.

Led by industry specialists, the centre includes a dedicated research and development (R&D) team, based in Dresden and Karlsruhe, Germany, which develops and supports a wide range of integration products between multiple CAD systems and Oracle’s Agile PLM.

Providing consistent product development information to all stakeholders throughout a product’s lifecycle is a major challenge for organisations. In response, the expertise from the centre is available to customers and partners wanting to better-facilitate the sharing of intelligence contained in their CAD models across the enterprise and supply chain.

The centre leverages the J2xPLM specialised CAD integration technology developed by xPLM Solution. This advanced technology allows the rapid development of new CAD integration products and the continuous update of existing ones to keep pace with the evolutions of each CAD system.

Offering hands-on workshops, the centre will assist organisations by providing specialist insight across a range of issues, including:

Managing the wealth of information generated by both CAD and PLM systems.

Exposing the intelligence of product models between multiple CAD and PLM systems.

Using the openness of Oracle’s Agile PLM solutions to streamline integration across third party applications, CAD and PLM systems.

Promoting more collaborative, innovative and efficient dialogue between all stakeholders on product development projects.

“Ensuring precise and consistent management of information generated by both CAD and PLM systems is critical for engineering collaboration on both small and large-scale projects. A single change to a CAD model made by an engineer can require an update to hundreds of processes and applications within a PLM environment. Combining the expertise of both Oracle and xPLM Solution, this joint competency centre will quickly be a high value resource for our customers. We are proud to be the first PLM vendor to recognise the importance of the topic and create such an open structure in Europe together with our highly regarded partner xPLM Solution,” said Denis Senpere, Vice-President for PLM at Oracle EMEA.

“Many existing design and CAD applications fail to provide strategic business value because of difficulties in integration. Our task is to help organisations overcome these problems, and we look forward to sharing the benefit of our technology and expertise into CAD and PLM integration with customers and partners across Europe together with our Enterprise PLM Partner Oracle,” said Karl ‘Charly’ Wachtel, Managing Director, XPLM.

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