iPod touch now with free G-Connect Wi-Fi

Wed, 2010/06/09

The company behind SA's first converged, pre-paid Internet product, WirelessG and the sole representative for the Apple brand in South Africa, namely Core Group, have announced a new bundling deal which will see consumers purchasing any capacity of iPod touch from an authorised Apple retailer, reseller or the G-Connect website being rewarded with a year’s worth of free Wi-Fi access, to be consumed over the course of one year and valued at approximately R600.


This new offer coincides perfectly with the increasing attention the iPod touch is getting as a portable computer, gaming platform, web browser and email tool, a phenomenon that’s fuelled to a large degree by the ever growing range of applications available on the App Store of the South African iTunes Store.


“By bundling all new iPod touch devices with the Wi-Fi offer from G-Connect, consumers will immediately see far more use from their iPod touch, outside of the traditional portable media player niche it has served up until now,” says Rutger-Jan van Spaandonk, Executive Director at Core Group.


“With ‘go-virtually-anywhere’ Wi-Fi access, iPod touch users will be able to keep up to date with their email and enjoy a very competent portable web-browsing experience, not to mention interacting with and downloading new applications from the South African iTunes store,” says van Spaandonk.


“G-Connect adds a great deal to the value proposition of the device,” van Spaandonk says.


Carel van der Merwe, WirelessG CEO says the R49 worth of complementary access a month translates into between 100MB and 140MB of Wi-Fi downloads per month, depending on what time of day users make use of the promotion.


“Vouchers offered with this promotion are redeemable in conjunction with our standard, super weekend and happy-hour Wi-Fi rates of 49c, 45c and 35c per MB respectively and unused data balances roll over into the following month, giving customers maximum value,” he says.


And with van der Merwe stating that currently, WirelessG has Wi-Fi hotspots in around 1,500 locations in South Africa, users are likely to be surprised at just how convenient this service is to make use of.


“G-Connect Wi-Fi access has already become a staple form of converged Internet Connectivity for a number of mobile executives and small business owners, and with this new offer we’re convinced it will become as much of a staple for South African consumers.


“We’re intrigued to see how the market responds to this new offer and firmly believe it will drive the adoption of mobile Internet usage, albeit in the context of Wi-Fi,” he concludes.