Happy 8th birthday to us!

Emerging Media turned 8 at the beginning of May. Yup, that's a whole 8 years of creating pitches, phoning journos, writing articles, hosting interviews, taking flack, giving flack, making friends, client meetings, media lunches, launches, conferences, chasing approvals, tears, laughs, editing, photoshoots, reports, love and much much more.

Emerging Media has grown up quite a bit during our 8 years. What was once a lonely me camping at my mums house, pitching journos from the sleeper-couch, we are now bigger, wiser and an altogether more effective agency. I couldn't be more proud to see what Emerging Media has become.

Much has changed since 2002. Print media went on a drastic diet and shed tons of excess weight. Getting a client on the cover of Computing SA used to be a PRs dream, now it's just a memory. Digital has boomed and become an incredibly exciting component of communications and an integral component of peoples lives. Technology titles have come and gone, as have some clients, but we've learnt from everything and improved along the way. We are a great agency and our results consistently prove this. This makes me most proud.

The rise of social media has meant for exciting times in our industry as PR companies scramble to understand and harness the beast. Self publishing has become a key component of many companies communications strategies and many are proving that self publishing can be very powerful. What hasn't changed in the 8 years is the importance of quality content. That never changes!

There are so many opportunities for great content and we plan on continuing to find and exploit these opportunities for the benefit of the medium and our clients. It's what we do.

As for the next 8 years, no-one quite knows. What I can tell you is that it'll be exciting, fun and profitable for us and our clients.

To everyone who has been involved with getting Emerging Media to where it is today, I thank you! All of you helped shape us as a company and we've turned out pretty cool. To our clients, thanks for putting your trust in us and enabling us to build an amazing work environment. Every day we aim to show you how much we love you by getting the best results. An extra special thanks for allowing me to be different. It's that 'different' that allows us to do great work. To my team, you guys rock and make running a business the most exciting experience anyone could ask for. You put yourselves out there every day and I respect and appreciate it immensely.

With that I want to say happy birthday to us! We're going to celebrate so please don't phone :)